Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beautiful Butterflies

Today's card features butterflies. I am noticing a mass of caterpillars in our garden at the moment and I am praying that they are all getting ready to turn into beautiful butterflies that will flit around the garden. They are so pretty when they do that - I could sit and watch them for ages - it always make me feel happy when I see them.
If they don't turn into gorgeous butterflies I am going to be really upset as I hate seeing all the furry little things on my plants and must say that I have never seen as many as there are this year.
Today's card uses a cream card base and then I have taken scrapbook paper and gone around the edges with mauve colorbox ink pad and then attached to cardfront. I used stickles clear glitter on various areas of the scrapbook paper to highlight images. I then added the word beauty using alphabet stickers. I then printed out butterflies from Elusive Images CD onto acetate and cut them out and bent their little bodies to give them movement and attached to cardfront. A very simple card but I think very pretty and effective.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope the caterpillars in your gardens turn into beautiful butterflies for you to enjoy this spectacle of nature.

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