Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Perfect Moment

Ok so I know I have been very quiet for several weeks now - but very good reason - I have been saving the planet. Superwoman to the rescue............. No jokes - well at least saving the enviroment and hopefully a few trees in the future.

I am moving my office home at the end of July, and I decided instead of lugging thousands of files and records that I would try and go as paperless as possible at home. Thus I have been emptying out files and scanning thousands of pieces of paper into my computer. Quite a job I can tell you and it has kept me very busy. Down to about the last couple of thousand pages though so thought I would pop in a quick post today and then hopefully by next week will be back to normal posting everyday.

Today's card features a lady in the bath and the word charm says " a perfect moment" - how true would love to soak in a bubble bath right now.