Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tape Transfer technique

Today's card demonstrates yet another very easy technique - Tape Transfers.

I always try and get the very wide cellotape for this technique - its about 6cm wide. I find that width is the easiest size as it covers most pictures. This technique will work with either a picture from a glossy magazine ie Fair Lady/Vogue etc or a toner based photocopy. Must be toner based not inkjet ie you can't print something on your HP printer and use that picture - photocopy it first on a toner based photocopier.

Technique Step by Step

1. Select your picture from magazine or your photocopy and trim it so that it roughly fits the width of your tape - doesn't matter if its slightly larger as you can just trim the edges once the tape is on. You then place the cellotape/Sticky tape over the image with the sticky side on the actual image itself.

2. Pour some warm water into the sink and then place your cellotaped image into the water. Leave it for about 30 seconds and then start rubbing the back of the cellotape. I do this under the water and you will see that little balls of paper come off and if you keep rubbing for a couple of minutes eventually you will get rid of all the paper and what is left is your cellotape with the image imprinted on it.

3. If it was a photocopy then the image will be black and white obviously and if the image was from a magazine it will be in full color. I then lay the image onto a towel with the shiny side of the tape down and leave it to dry well. You will then find that the cellotape regains some of its stickness once dry and is probably enough to then stick it onto some plain cardstock ready for mounting on your card.

It's as simple as that and it is really fun to see the results especially with magazine color transfers.

Today's card uses a photocopy image of a woman and child.

Materials: Black cardstock, clear embossing ink pad, silver embossing powder, tape transfer image, white cardstock, silver cord, butterflies, word stamp by Paper Inspirations, corner punch.

Method: Fold black a4 cardstock in half to create base card. Use clear embossing ink pad to stamp words onto cardfront as shown and emboss with silver embossing powder. Take tape transfer picture and attach it to white cardstock and then black cardstock and then white cardstock. Use the corner punch to punch the corners of the white cardstock and then thread silver cord around the white cardstock and attach to cardfront. Attach butterflies.

I hope you enjoyed today's technique and give it a try.

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