Friday, November 20, 2009

Late Late Late

Wow so late in posting today that I even got a phone call to see if I was ok from someone. The time thief stole this week from me and made it disappear. Had every intention of preparing this upload earlier this week but ........

Todays card is a small card just for a change - gasp Helen. This is a real oldie that was up on my pinboard at home.

This weekend I will share an exciting project - an exploding box so do keep visiting my blog.

Wishing everyone a good weekend from a very hot and very sticky Cape Town. When's winter coming back I ask myself..........


  1. Hi Amanda, your'e welcome to pop on over to KZN - we have winter in full force! Love the card.

  2. It's a booootiful card! I love the detail in the hat.
    Can I come to KZN too please?
    Firenze Cards

  3. A lovely card, You can join us here in Gauteng as well, Almost worse than July.