Saturday, November 7, 2009

Shattered Glass technique

Something different for me - African style card using shattered glass technique. I have to say that I don't do African images on cards all that often.
I thought I would use this card though to demonstrate a slightly different take on the Shattered glass technique using Lumiere paints. If you don't have any Lumiere paints don't worry you can use Dala Metallic paints - they work as well.
The most important thing to remember when doing this technique is that you need low tack masking tape. Now if you were in America, believe it or not you can buy what they call low tack masking tape but here where we can only get regular masking tape, you can easily make it low tack and clean your outfit at the same time - how you ask. Tear off strip of masking tape and for this technique I use the tape that is about 3cm wide and I also tear down each outer edge so that I am left at the end with two rough sides. Before you tear down the outer edges though place the tape on your clothes and lift off - do this several times and you will have clean clothes with no stray hairs on and also you will have low tack masking tape. It is important to get rid of most of the stickiness of the tape otherwise it will stick like glue to your paper and you won't be able to tear it off later without leaving marks on your paper.
Ok now that you have your low tack tape, tear down the outer edges of the tape so that you have two torn sides and then take black cardstock and place tape where you don't want paint. Once you are happy with design then take sponge and sponge on Lumiere or Dala paints and allow to dry. Carefully lift off the tape and you will be left with rough edged paint design on the paper. Once it is dry you can then stamp onto the paint using Brilliance black ink. I have used animals on the card above. I then mounted my pieces onto copper cardstock and then to cardfront as shown.
Shattered glass is a super technique and real quick to do. I normally paint up several sheets at a time and that way you get dig a piece out when you want to make a card and its quick then just to stamp it up and mount it onto a card.
Hope you enjoy this technique.

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