Saturday, November 21, 2009

Exploding box technique


I thought I would share the exploding box technique with you today. You can have a lot of fun with these boxes and if you have an embossing board they are very easy to make as you don't have to sit and measure. Embossing boards are wonderful for this type of construction card as it saves having to sit there with a ruler and pencil and measure everything. I have left this box plain on the outside with just a flower on top and ribbon around the lid, but you could of course decorate the outside of the box panels as well. For the inside you have three layers of paper each with four panels to decorate and the centre panel, which you only need decorate for the last layer as the other layers are covered as you stick it all together under the centre panel.
This is a stunning project for that wow factor - present and card in one, good for using with photos as an "off the page" scrapbook. Also lends itself very well to themes - ie butterflies, fairies, christmas, marine, baby etc.
Materials required:
1 x cardstock 297mm square
1 x cardstock 290 mm square
1 x cardstock 285mm square
1 x cardstock 15cm square for lid
Ruler/Pencil/Pegs/Glue/Foam pads/Scoreboard
Stamps/inks/papers/embellishments to decorate
Note: I used Bazzil cardstock for the box in this example.
1. Take each of your 3 larger squares of paper and place up against the butt bar on the embossing board and score all 4 sides using the A4 Trifold line if you are using the Crafters Companion Ultimate board, DL5 line if you are using the Diamond card craft blue board. You then cut out the four corner squares on each sheet and set them aside to use later when you decorate the box as you can use them for layering.
2. Take your lid cardstock and place on the box lid section of the Crafters Companion ultimate board and score on line 2 all the way around. If you are using the Diamond card craft blue board then use line 2 for the lid.
3. Fold in all the score lines on the lid and cut notches in the corners and glue in place and use pegs to hold it together whilst the glue dries. You can use Double sided tape but I find wet glue holds the box together better.
4. Decorate your layers on the bottom of the box - all four panels on each of the 3 layers and then the centre panel only for your top layer. Attach the 3 panels together using foam tape under the centre panel only.
5. Decorate your lid and then fold up your lower part of the box and pop the lid on. Simple as that.
Have fun and if you don't have a score board you can always email me for the measurements.

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