Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mother and Child

Ooh I am late in posting today. Thinking about puppy princess arriving on Saturday instead of getting down to work.
Today's card features a photo stamp from Toybox.
Materials: Black archival dye ink pad, glossy white paper, black cardstock, black and white dot cardstock, silver magic tape, silver Cherish word, Image by Toybox.
Method: Fold black cardstock in half to create base card. Add a strip of black and white dot paper to the left hand side of card and a strip of silver magic tape to the right hand edge. Take the stamp and make sure that it is entirely clean of any specks. I normally do this by taking double sided tape and taping it across the stamp. Its amazing what little specks it picks up. Then ink up the stamp well use the dye ink pad and stamp onto white glossy cardstock. Remember when photo stamping slow is better - you need firm pressure and allow time for the image to transfer to the paper. Lift off stamp carefully as you will find that photo stamps tend to kind of want to stick to the glossy paper and you practically have to peel off the stamp. Once dry mount onto black cardstock and then to cardfront. Add Cherish word charm and you are done.

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