Monday, February 1, 2010

Gilden Glitz Technique on Acetate

Today's card uses Gilden Glitz flakes on acetate. It is a very easy but very effective technique.
What you need to do is take a piece of acetate and stamp your image carefully onto it using Black Staz on ink pad. I use Staz on as it dries quickly on acetate unlike many other ink pads. Once it is dry turn the image over and you are now working on the reverse side. Place double sided tape side by side to cover the back of the image - try not to have gaps between the tape and then lift off the backing paper off the tape and take a handful of the glitz flakes and press down onto the tape. Once you have covered the image, then use a stiff brush to brush off the excess flakes back into the packet. Then turn over your image and viola. A beautiful gilded image.
Materials required: Gilden Glitz flakes, Acetate, black cardstock, Sun/Moon stamps, mesh, Double sided tape, stiff brush, copper stars, Black staz on ink pad
Method: Follow technique above to create three different sun/moon images. Attach piece of mesh to cardfront and then attach your 3 images and add a copper star in the corners and you are done.
Note you do get several different brands of these gilded flakes - I have purchased some from Niki Zipp at Paperchain before and also from Frantic stamper website.

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