Saturday, December 12, 2009

More awards

Wow I do feel honoured. Got this award from both Jowilna and Cariena this week. I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself - here goes

1. I am petrified of dentists yet I chose to have all my front teeth capped at 21 and redone last year - real sucker for punishment.

2. When I was younger I was very much a "Don't suffer fools gladly" type of person but fortunately as I have got older I think/hope I have gotten more understanding towards others.

3. I am desperately wanting to find a golden retriever puppy to adopt. She is going to be called Princess and have a bling collar in true Harrod style. She will be loved and spoilt rotten.

4. I am a diabetic and a cancer survivor

5. I am a great believer in you must take time in life to stop and smell the roses in life.

6. I never worry - its a real gift, but I have the ability to ponder something for 5 minutes and then put it right out of my mind. I always say no point in worrying about something because that will not solve the problem. What will be will be is my motto in life.

7. I love bling - all types ie on cards but especially jewellery and I have quite a collection - probably enough to wear a different necklace/ring/watch everyday of the year.......See its not just stamps that I collect. I also make some of my own jewellery.

Well now I am meant to pass this on to 7 other people but I think I have been pipped to the post as most of the others that I want to award this to have already received it. I do though want to pass it on to Desiree. Do visit her blog at . She has some fab photos up of sunsets a super girly shoe card this week.

Thanks again to Jowilna and Cariena for the award.

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