Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lavender in my garden

Wow now this is a card I did yonks ago. It uses a Lavender stamp from Charmaine's Magic Ribbon and Cards. The background stamp on the purple card (watermark) is an old Stampendous one.

I was reminded of this card by the lavender that is growing in my garden. It started out as a baby bush about 2 years ago and is now about 1 metre wide by 2 metres tall and in full flower at the moment. I always find it amazing that when I water the garden with the hose and spray the lavender, I can smell it wherever I am standing.

Materials: Purple cardstock, green cardstock, white cardstock, Charmaine's lavender stamp, ribbon, black brilliance ink pad, tombow pens, Real dried lavender, Stampendous stamp, Watermark Versamark ink pad, Alphabet tiles, Pearls, Stickles glitter glue.

Method: Fold purple cardstock in half. Use versamark ink pad to stamp tiny flowers all over the front of the card using Stampendous stamp. Take Charmaine's stamp and use black brilliance ink pad to stamp it onto white cardstock. Color in using tombow pens and highlight areas with stickles glitter glue. Go around edges with color box chalk ink pad and then attach to purple and then green cardstock and then to cardfront. Attach alphabet letter tiles to spell out the word lavender and then add pearls, sprig of real lavender and bow.

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