Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blog awards

Wow what an honour - another blog award - this one is from Debbie.

Now I have to answer all these questions

Your cell phone: Samsung

Your hair: Light brown/blonde - highlighted

Your mother: Addicted to computer games

Your favourite food: Roast beef and yorkshire pudding or Thai or Indian

Your dream last night: busy - very busy - I think McDreamy was probably in it

Your favourite drink: Champers of course

Your dream/goal: to continue being happy

What room are you in: Computer room

Your hobbies: Papercrafting, Stamping, Reading, garden

Your fear: Crocodiles and the dentist

Where do you want to be in 6 years: - right here or on my own private island in the middle of nowhere

Where were you last night: home

Muffins: Blueberry or chocolate

Wish list item: A larger craft room

Where did you grow up: Kenya and Cape Town and England

Last thing you did: Sent a pile of emails about work

What are you wearing: Black top/trousers/shoes and Diamond earings

Your TV : Don't have mnet or cable so rely on SABC so not much to watch

Your Pets: None but wanting a puppy

Friends: Wonderful, Inspiring, Amazing

Your life: Busy - never stops

Your modd: Happy - the sun is shining and the butterflies are playing in the garden as I look out the window

Missing someone: My sister

Car: BMW

Something you are not wearing : Bra

Your favourite stores: Any shop especially those with books/bling and rubber stamps and paper

Favourite color: Black

When was the last time you cried: Last nite when I finished my book

Your best friend: My mum

One place that you go to over and over: My craft room

Facebook: Can't get into it

Favourite place to eat: Wangthai

Now to pass this on is always hard - there are so many awesome bloggers out there.

Paola http://paolaspaperhaven.blogspot.com

Cariena http://cariena.blogspot.com

Susan http://sunelscrafts.blogspot.com

Shamela http://stampnscrapwithshamela.blogspot.com

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