Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Simple Floral card

I had these large flowers which I wasn't sure what to do with as they are rather large for using on a card if you have an image as well. Then I came up with this really quick and simple card to use them - a real 5 minute card.
Materials: black cardstock, red flowers, gold brad, Happy birthday words done on dymo, Word scrapbook paper, red color box ink pad
Method: Fold black cardstock to create 16 x 16 square fold card. Go around edges of word scrapbook paper with red color box ink pad and attach to cardfront. Use Dymo machine to spell out Happy Birthday and attach to cardfront. Glue on flowers and brad and you are done. Sometimes simple is very effective.


  1. This is a lovely idea. These are the sort of cards, that one needs a few of in "stock" for that emergency.