Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Adirondack Dauber Paint Technique

As promised herewith new paint technique for cards that I discovered when playing around with ideas for World card making day. This one's also especially for Hayley who asked me to put more items on blog on what to do with things.
Well I had a selection of Adirondack paint daubers lying in my draw and decided it was high time to use them. They come in 39 colors (to match the adirondack ink pads etc) plus metallic colors. They are basically acryllic paint but in a bottle container with a foam tip. I found them ideal for this technique in that you only get a little bit out at a time so no big blobs of paint and also I found that provided you do this technique with a LIGHT TOUCH then it dries almost immediately and you can stamp onto the paint. It makes for lovely vibrant backgrounds and for a really quick card. Also I found that I didn't really need any embellishments on the card as the were perfect as they were.
The paints blend beautifully as well I found and you only use a little for each card so very economical in the long run.
Materials: Selection of stamps, Black Brilliance ink pad, Adirondack paint daubers - selection of colors, black cardstock, white cardstock, gold cardstock, gold pen.
Technique: Take a piece of white cardstock and then take your first paint dauber and shake well and then tap the foam head onto white scratch paper LIGHTLY several times to get the paint running. Once the paint is appearing on your scratch paper then tap lightly onto your white cardstock and then smooch with the foam head. Smooch being a very technical term of course - I mean that you rub the foam head around in circular motion LIGHTLY. I did the same color in a couple of places on the white cardstock and then switched colors and continued as before. I used metallic colors ie gold in this case last to kind of pull/blend everything together. Once dry and it really only takes less than 5 minutes provided you had a light hand, then you can stamp directly onto the piece. I used a selection of butterfly stamps, swirls and words in this instance. Then I went around the edges with gold pen and mounted onto black and then gold cardstock and then onto square folded 16 x 16 square black card.
This technique is so easy and you get wonderful backgrounds to use.If you don't rub in a circular motion another technique is to just lightly rub the foam head across the cardstock so that you end up with lines of paint as it were - more on this tomorrow and more samples as well.
Hope you enjoyed this technique.

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