Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Puppy Shower

Well I had heard of Baby Showers but my card class girls gave me a Puppy shower last month on the day I was due to go and fetch Princess. Debbie had baked biscuits in the shape of dogs bones complete with pink glitter icing and Helen had organized a chocolate brownie cake decorated with little dogs and chocolate words like pooch. I got lots of fabulous presents from everyone for Princess. She was spoilt rotten.
Here are some of the cards that I received - Dog bone shape card from Helen, Woof words from Debbie Luker, Princess word charm and hearts from Joyce and even Tilly in New Zealand sent a gorgeous card with dog and word princess in the frame. I also got some lovely other cards to welcome Princess and of course she had to admire them all the next day .


  1. So darned sweet!!!! Look at all the goodies.

  2. that is the most BEAUTIFUL puppy!!! she is so fluffy and fat!! i LOVE fluffy, fat and fabulous puppies!!!!!!! i hope you had a great birthday - best is to just relax......i hope it will be a wonderful year for you, Amanda!

  3. Awwwww, she's SO cute! I want one too! Gosh she's growing up fast though. Such a happy face. xxx