Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Serviette technique

Another technique card today. I have used a serviette to create this card. There are some fabulous serviettes out there - just a warning though - the cheap cheap serviettes don't seem to work that well and can tear very easily so buy a decent one. Some craft shops sell serviettes in singles and other shops sell a whole packet. If you have to buy a whole packet why not share the others in a swap with your stamping friends.
I find the easiest way to attach serviettes to cardstock is to use spray glue. I bought the spray glue at a hardware shop and it lasts for ages. Its in a blue and yellow tin. What I do is seperate the layers of the serviette. Sometimes there are 4 layers - it just depends on the make of serviette. All you want is the top layer. Be careful with it as its pretty fragile at this stage. I then take some cheap white cardstock and take it outside in the garden or over newspaper and spray the whole area of the cardstock and then I carefully place the serviette on top and use the spare layers of the serviette to smooth out any wrinkles. You can then cut it to size to mount on your card.
Materials required: Cream cardstock, copper cardstock, white cheap cardstock, serviette, copper cardstock, word charm, butterfly charm, Glitter
Method: Fold cream cardstock to create base card. Attach your serviette to cheap white cardstock following directions above and then trim to square. Then I cut out additional main butterfly image and layered it onto the first image and then layered it to copper and then black cardstock and then attached it to cardfront. I glittered areas of the wings and then cut out two small butterflies from the serviette image and attached those as shown and added word charm and a small bronze butterfly charm.
Why not give serviettes a go - you can create some great quick cards using this technique. They are also fabulous for use on backgrounds.


  1. I was re-packing my zillion beautiful serviettes this weekend thinking "I should use some of these pretty things"! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Firenze Cards

  2. This card is great. I will give it a try, Have been clearing out serviettes, so going to look for some nice ones now.

  3. I use Jac paper to stick the serviettes on to and that works well too. Great card!!